Disinfection and Cleaning

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Lab furniture, reusable electrodes and electrode-leads have to be cleaned with Incidin wipes by the researchers after use. Incidin wipes are available in the labs and at the SOLO helpdesk.

All other equipment will be cleaned by SOLO Research and labsupport during the bi-annual safety inspection. Should equipment cleaning be needed in the interim, the lab coordinator can submit a request to SOLO Research and labsupport.

High Level Disinfection

If you scratch the skin before or during the attachment of reusable electrodes (like EEG electrodes), the electrodes can potentially contact the blood stream. This means high-level disinfection is needed to kill all possible viruses, fungi and bacteria.

At FSW we make use of Incidin Plus for high-level disinfection. Incidin Plus is only available in the lab kitchens in SB02A and SB12. It is not allowed to use it on different locations.


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