Lab Safety

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For research involving participants, only the measuring equipment purchased and maintained by SOLO may be used. This equipment must comply with the standard requirements and regulations for use by researchers on participants.

The equipment that has been purchased is easy to use, which means students can also work with it once they have been trained. Equipment will only be purchased from reputable and experienced manufacturers and suppliers. SOLO Research and Labsupport ensures that all equipment has an identification label and will run a visual and electrical inspection test on the equipment annually. The results of these tests are documented by SOLO.

Safety inspection

All electrical equipment will be inspected regularly (once a year) by SOLO for electrical safety and general state of repair. This is in line with the regulations in the NEN-EN-IEC 62353:2014 guideline medical electrical equipment – Periodic testing and testing after repair

Safe use of equipment

Members of staff and students may use medical electrical equipment on participants only if the user is qualified and shows competence in use of the equipment. Proof of competence and qualification must be presented to the lab coordinator before the start of the study. 

SOLO’s research and lab technicians have been trained to provide explanation about the scientific facilities and research equipment. Instructional videos are available as well.

Equipment disclaimer

Equipment used at the FSW is intended to use for research only and not for clinical applications. Not all equipment can be used. To make sure equipment is safe it is required to have a Declaration of Conformity of the manufacturer.

BiopacDeclaration Biopac MP150 - 2014
Declaration Biopac MP160 - 2016
BiosemiDeclaration Biosemi - 2010
Standard Terms Biosemi - 2008
CNsystemsDeclaration CN systems - 2018
DigitimerDeclaration Digitimer DS5 - 2013
Declaration Digitimer DS7 - 2016
EyeLinkDeclaration EyeLink CL- 2006
Declaration EyeLink CL-Optilink - 2009
FinapresDeclaration Finapres - 2017
MedocDeclaration Medoc - 2019
NirxDeclaration Nirx NIRScout SN024 - 2017
TobiiDeclaration Tobii T60 T120 - 2007
Declaration Tobii Pro X3-120 - 2015
Declaration Tobii X2 - 2013
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Declaration Tobii B Fusion - 2020
Declaration Tobii Glasses 2 - 2018
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