Disposable gloves protocol

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Disposable gloves protocol


The researcher uses personal protective items in order to avoid infecting a participant or him-/herself.


Using gloves in not an alternative for disinfecting your hands. Please use the gloves if this is requested in the research protocol. Gloves are worn by one person only and will not be reused.


Gloves should have the following characteristics:

  • A CE 89-686/EEG and 93/42/EEG mark;
  • NEN-EN 420+A1;
  • NEN-EN 374-1,2;
  • NEN-EN 455-1,2,3,4;
  • Powder-free, hypoallergenic;
  • No vinyl or latex gloves!

When to use disposable gloves

  • If required by the protocol;
  • If the researcher has to touch the participant’s body;
  • When cleaning/disinfecting the research location.


  • Make sure your hands are dry before using the gloves
  • Make sure the gloves do not touch:
    • your own face;
    • a surgical IRR face mask or a standard face mask;
    • any other items such as doorknobs, cupboards, curtains, appliances, keyboards, stationary, (mobile) phones and tablets.
  • Replace the gloves:
    • if the gloves appear to be dirty, damaged or wet, or if (it is assumed that) the gloves have been contaminated;
    • disinfect your hands every time you take off used gloves and start wearing new ones. This is done to minimize contamination risks.
  • After being in contact with a participant or after cleaning/disinfecting, you remove the gloves immediately. Disinfect your hands afterwards;
  • Never disinfect the gloves!

Putting gloves on

  1. Disinfect your hands;
  2. Take one glove out of the dispenser box;
  3. Put on the glove and make sure the cuff is covering your wrist;
  4. Do this for the second glove as well;
  5. Check whether the gloves fit properly by intertwining your fingers.


Taking gloves off

  1. Grab a fold on the outside of the glove, not too close to the edge of the cuff;
  2. Take off the first glove, thereby turning it inside out;
  3. Hold the glove in the palm of your other hand or throw it directly in the bin;
  4. Grab the second glove, hold it at the cuff and turn it inside out over the first glove;
  5. Discard both gloves;
  6. Disinfect your hands.


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