Tobii Pro Glasses 2 Controller

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The Glasses 2 Controller is used for setting up a recording with the Tobii Pro Glasses 2. After data collection, the data can be analyzed in Tobii Pro Lab.

Availability, support and advice

The Tobii Pro Glasses 2 Controller is freely available. For FSW Leiden staff it can be requested for at the ISSC through the helpdesk for use on managed work computers. For lab computers, please contact For unmanaged/personal computers, it can be downloaded from the Tobii website.

Data Recording

In short, the following steps need to be taken when recording data:

  • Prepare the recording unit; make sure a charged battery is installed and an SD card is inserted.
  • Prepare the participant; connect the glasses with the recording unit using an HDMI cable and put the glasses on the participant.
  • Connect the glasses to your device; the glasses are connected to a computer/laptop on which the Controller software is running wireless through WLAN or wired using an Ethernet cable. Note that when connected with Ethernet cable, this cable can be disconnected once the recording has started. This disables the live viewer, but data is still being recorded. The glasses have to be reconnected to be able to stop the recording.
  • Create a new recording in the Controller software.
  • Calibrate the eye tracker using a piece of paper with a calibration dot (the calibration dot can be printed from the Glasses 2 User Manual, which can be accessed through the Tobii website). 
  • Start the recording. When the glasses stay connected to the computer, the recording can be viewed on the live viewer of the Controller software.
  • Stop the recording. The recording is saved on the SD card.
  • When analyzing the glasses data with Tobii Pro Lab, make sure to import the project (*.ttgp file) directly from the SD card. Use an SD card reader to be able to read an SD card on your computer. Do not copy the data from the SD card to somewhere else.


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