FSW researchers can use the high-performance computing (HPC) cluster SHARK at the LUMC, and the newer university-wide ALICE cluster, for processing of large amounts of data. 

Cluster computing allows researchers the opportunity to perform computationally intense operations (e.g. fMRI analysis) on dedicated HPC clusters, which often have many available CPU's, GPU's and RAM storage, allowing for much faster (parallel) computing than is possible on personal / work computers.


Currently FSW users have two HPC options available:

  • Shark OLD: decommissioned HPC, no longer used.
  • SHARK SLURM: This HPC is maintained by the LUMC and is currently fully operational. FSW users can use this cluster until the new Alice cluster is fully functional.
  • ALICEThis is the new university-wide HPC cluster. The goal is for FSW users to exclusively use this cluster in the future. Some hardware and software for typical FSW use-cases (e.g. fMRI analysis) is still in development. However, all new  projects are strongly recommended to start on ALICE already.


See the cluster specific pages for detailed information. If you are not sure which cluster is suitable for you, or for any other questions, account requests and issues, please contact the HPC support at SOLO: Kerwin Olfers


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