Lab and Freezer Coordinators

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Ten different research groups from both Education and Child Studies and Psychology perform beta-medical research in different disciplines. Each research group has a lab coordinator who manages the labs owned by that research group and is the first point of contact for researchers that want to conduct research in the lab. Note that the freezer facilities on the 4th floor of the FSW have their own coordinators. 

Lab Coordinators

Education and Child Studies

Research groupLab coordinator
Educational SciencesAnne Helder
Learning and Behaviour Problems in EducationMarga Sikkema-de Jong
Parenting, Child Care and DevelopmentSzilvia Biro


Research groupLab coordinator
Cognitive PsychologySamarth Varma
Health, Medical and NeuropsychologyAntoinette van Laarhoven
Clinical PsychologyEvin Aktar
Developmental and Educational PsychologyNeeltje Blankenstein
Social, Economic and Organisational PsychologyErik de Kwaadsteniet

Freezer coordinators

InstituteFreezer coordinator
PsychologyAntoinette van Laarhoven and Neeltje Blankenstein
Education and Child StudiesSzilvia Biro
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