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HR Path joins the Qualtrics Partner Network - HR Path


Qualtrics survey software allows you to create online questionnaires for your research. It provides various question types, branch logic and the possibility to export results to statistical software, such as SPSS. It can also be used in conjunction with other online platforms such as SONA and JATOS.

Availability, Support and Use

  • Qualtrics is available at www.leidenuniv.eu.qualtrics.com for all FSW staff and students with a ULCN-account
  • Qualtrics may only be used for academic research and course evaluations, not for internal purposes (e.g. staff-outings etc).
  • Support for all things account related, including transferring ownership of surveys, please contact beheer@library.leidenuniv.nl or check out their Qualtrics support page.
  • For all technical and research related questions (i.e. how to link from and to Qualtrics with other online software, use videos or randomization), see below and / or contact us at labsupport@fsw.leidenuniv.nl


We have made some tutorial videos to demonstrate often-needed features of Qualtrics.

NOTE: Qualtrics has updated their interface since these videos were recorded. Most of the functionality remains the same but buttons may be located in different places. We will update these videos to match the new format in the near future.

Online Research Intro

If you are completely new to online research, this video (through not specific to Qualtrics) may provide some helpful insights before you start.

Tutorial 1: The basics

An introduction to the basics of using Qualtrics, for those with very little to no experience.

Tutorial 2: Linking To and From

Explains how to set up Qualtrics to link to other online parts (including other Qualtrics surveys), and how to receive information from preceding parts. For more information see also:

Hint: while you can use a randomly generated number as participant id to share across surveys/tasks, Qualtrics also generates a unique response id for each survey respondent. You can use the response id generated in the very first survey (e.g. the informed consent survey) as your participant id going forward. The response id can be accessed as an embedded variable with the name "ResponseID".

Tutorial 3: Randomization

Note: not mentioned in the video is the option to save the order of the item presentation in your data-file. If you'd like to implement that, please contact labsupport@fsw.leidenuniv.nl


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