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In the section pages and their sub-pages, information concerning research hardware can be found.

Finding equipment

The Institute of Education and Child Studies, the Institute of Psychology and SOLO Research and Lab Support already own a lot of equipment. You can check with your lab coordinator if your needed equipment is available in your research group. Also, various research equipment can be borrowed from SOLO through the Helpdesk (reservations tile). Finally, your lab coordinator can contact SOLO Research and Lab Support about the possibilities to borrow from other departments. 

Helpdesk reservations tile:

Purchasing equipment

When equipment is not available, or you need it for a longer period than it is possible to borrow, new equipment has to be ordered via SOLO Research and Lab Support, by contacting labsupport@fsw.leidenuniv.nl. When you have funding and approval of the budget holder your lab coordinator can place the order at SOLO. SOLO always checks the safety certificates before ordering. 

Operating equipment

Before you start working with the equipment you must ensure that you know how to operate the device and how to connect the participant to it. You must also know what the signal should look like, so you can check the signal and do some adjustments before starting high quality data collection. The principal investigator and lab coordinator are responsible for ensuring that researchers are sufficiently competent to carry out the research.


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