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EduVPN is a tool which provided for secure internet access over public or private (wifi) connections. Institute access was recently added to the existing eduVPN service. This enables you to work at home with eduVPN as if you were at the university and gives you direct access to the files on your P-drive and J-drive. EduVPN also gives you access to services such as SAP Self Service and Bloomreach and is more secure because you log in with your ULCN account and additional authentication (MFA). EduVPN also provides access to various software licenses (e.g. E-Prime and Brain Vision Analyzer), but only on university laptops which have had those applications installed via the Software Center.

For information on how to install and use EduVPN please see the staff website page, and the helpdesk portal.


Q: Eprime is running, and EduVPN is active but I get a license error / warning. What to do?

A: Follow the following steps

  1. Uninstall Eprime
  2. Reboot the machine
  3. Start EduVPN
  4. Install Eprime via the Software Center (if you do not see it in the list, you will need to request it first via the helpdesk portal:
  5. Reboot
  6. Start EduVPN
  7. Start Eprime
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