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The UsbParMarker is a USB to parallel cable and is a replacement for the parallel port (LPT) to send markers. No modern laptop has a parallel port anymore nor a possibility to use a dock with parallel port. To send markers from desktop or laptop the UsbParMarker can be used. It also has convenient LED's to show which value is being sent.

From version 1.5 the Usb Parmarker is also compatible with Tobii Pro Lab. In Tobii Pro Lab choose Brain Products Triggerbox as TTL device in the Record tab and make sure to check which COM port the UsbParMarker is connected to.

Availability, Support and Use-case

SOLO currently has UsbParMarkers in stock, to borrow one please contact us at

See the Github repo for more documentation and how to use with E-Prime, OpenSesame and Python. For questions, please contact us at


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