Incidin Plus® EEG Cleaning Protocol

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Incidin Plus® EEG Cleaning Protocol

  • Make sure to protect your own skin against the aggressive chemicals by wearing (new) gloves, eye‐protection and wearing a lab coat. Do not handle Incidin solutions with bear arms.
  • Undiluted Incidin can be available in bottles (A) or in 20ml packages (B). However, we always use diluted (2%) solutions for cleaning.
  • A one‐day use preparation of 2% Incidin solution is kept in the round plastic container (C). The label on the wall next to it will state when the solution was prepared. Keep the container closed whenever possible. If the solution is less than a day old, place the rinsed electrodes and electrode cap in the solution for exactly 15 minutes – not longer, not shorter. Keep as much of the cables as possible out of the solution, submerging only the electrodes themselves and a few centimetres of cables at most. The Velcro‐straps should not be disinfected. After removing the electrode and cap from the solution, keep it under running water for some time to remove the aggressive chemicals that might otherwise come in contact with the next participant’s hair or skin.
  • If the solution in the round container is older than one day, do not use it, instead dispose of the solution in the sink, make sure to rinse the sink with water afterwards.
  • To prepare new cleaning solution for one day: poor 500 ml of solution from the black container (D) into the round plastic container. Diluted Incidin can be kept for up to 21 days in the black container. Check the label on the black container to make sure the solution is not too old.
  • If the black container is empty or if the solution is too old, dispose of it in the sink and prepare a new batch in the container by adding 80ml of undiluted Incidin (from packets or bottle) to 4 litres of water. Make sure to update the label on the container to indicate the last date that the new solution can be used.
  • Make sure all the containers (including Incidin bottles) are always closed properly after use.

First aid after exposure to Incidin

  • In case of any complaints or symptom’s consult a doctor.
  • If fumes are inhaled, seek fresh air. In case of lingering complaint/symptoms, consult a doctor.
  • In case of direct contact with skin: immediately rinse with water for 15 minutes. Take off contaminated clothing. Consult a doctor. (P303, P361, P353)
  • In case of contact with eyes: immediately rinse excessively with water for at least 15 minutes, including under the eyelids. Remove eye contacts if possible. Use the eye‐washer on the wall (E). Consult a doctor and/or intoxication centre immediately. (P305, P351, P338)
  • If swallowed: rinse mouth with water (NOT milk), do NOT induce vomiting, medical treatment needed immediately. (P310)

National intoxication centre +31 (0)30 274 8888 and FSW First Aid via +31 (0)71 527 3701.

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